Section 55: 2010 Open Enrollment Exception

Notwithstanding and special or general law to the contrary, eligible individuals as defined in chapter 176J with existing coverage issued under said chapter 176J that will expire after the end of open enrollment in 2010 established under section 4 of said chapter 176J may renew coverage on the date that the eligible individual's coverage expires for a term of less than 1 year until the beginning of open enrollment period in 2011.

Allows individuals to renew health insurance coverage in 2010 outside of the biannual open enrollment period of January 1 through February 15 and July 1 through August 15 if the coverage will expire before the following open enrollment period in 2011 for a period of less than one year. Note that Section 27 of this Act reduces the biannual open enrollment period to only one annual open enrollment period during July 1 through August 15 effective January 1, 2011.