Section 21: Definition of Qualified Association For Small Business Group Purchasing Cooperative

As used in this chapter the following words shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly requires otherwise: [unchanged text not shown]

“Qualified association”, a Massachusetts nonprofit or not-for-profit corporation or other entity organized and maintained for the purposes of advancing the occupational, professional, trade or industry interests of its association members, other than that of obtaining health insurance, and that has been in active existence for at least 5 years, that comprises at least 100 association members and membership in which is generally available to potential association members of such occupation, profession, trade or industry without regard to the health condition or status of a prospective association member or the employees and dependents of a prospective association member.

[unchanged text not shown]

Defines "qualified association" to include a Massachusetts nonprofit or not-for-profit corporation or organization focused on advancing the occupational, professional, trade, or industry interests, other than obtaining health insurance, of association members.

The organization must be active for at least 5 years before seeking qualified association status and must have at least 100 members, including individuals or small businesses that are actively involved in the organization and attained membership without regard to health status.