2014 - 2016 Strategic Areas

In 2014 the Foundation Board of Directors and staff undertook a strategic planning process that reaffirmed our core mission of expanding access to health care for low-income and vulnerable people and expanded our focus areas to include access to behavioral health services and efforts to better understand the effect of social and societal factors on health outcomes. This new strategic plan will serve as a blueprint for our work over the next several years as we seek to make a difference and to create an impact. Read below to learn more, or download a printable version.


The mission of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation is to expand access to health care for low-income and vulnerable people in the Commonwealth. We collaborate with public and private organizations to broaden health coverage and reduce barriers to care through grants, research, and policy initiatives. Founded in 2001 with an initial endowment from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the Foundation operates separately from the company and is governed by its own Board of Directors.


Coverage & Care

Coverage does not always equal care. We remain committed to supporting programs that help low-income consumers obtain, keep and use their insurance, and to conducting research and developing strategies to increase coverage to reach those most in need.


Although the Commonwealth leads the nation in health insurance coverage, consumers still struggle with the cost of health care. We continue to document that impact to help ensure that our most vulnerable residents can get and afford the care they need.

Behavioral Health

Access to behavioral health is uneven and consumers often have difficulty getting the right combination of care when they need it. We are exploring methods for expanding access and eliminating barriers to integrating behavioral and physical health care.

Social Equity

Social, environmental, and behavioral factors account for 60 percent of health outcomes, yet, we continue to spend more on medical care than social services. Through research and grant making, we are examining the impact that spending on social services can have on health outcomes.




We invest through strategic grant-making and knowledge sharing. We fund programs and projects that promote sustainable improvements in health care access for low-income and vulnerable people. We also identify trends to inform our policy work and bring to scale best practices and lessons learned.

Policy & Research

We dedicate ourselves to impartial & informative policy analysis. Working with nationally recognized researchers and academics, we focus on projects that promote the development of effective policy solutions on local and national health care issues. Our publications are widely regarded as key resources for policymakers and stakeholders.

Educational Programs

We educate. The Massachusetts Institute for Community Health Leadership develops emerging health care leaders. The Health Coverage Fellowship expands the capacity of the media to cover health care issues. The Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute, a full-time program of the Foundation, broadens the understanding of the MA Medicaid program, MassHealth.


We engage the community through collaborations and convenings. Foundation-sponsored conferences assemble stakeholders from government, advocacy, academia and the provider community to discuss health care issues. Our grantees participate in learning communities with their peers to share best practices and address common challenges..